Using EAC command line parameters to include the cover art when extracting CD to flac files.


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Hi - I am using EAC 1.6 to extract CDs to flac files. Trying to include the cd cover art in the extracted image by using the EAC command-line parameters: %hascover%--picture="%coverfile%"%hascover%. Does anyone have experience using %hascover%? It works much of the time, but not always. The description for the %hascover%...%hascover% parameters are - "only when storing of CD cover is enabled and the cover exists". I'm not sure if something else needs to be "enabled"? Maybe that's the problem, but I cannot find any definition of what being "enabled" means. Any help or guidance or pointers would be appreciated. Thank you.


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Why mess about with command line stuff, I just use dBpoweramp, does it all for you. Any artwork it cant find can be googled (like the front cover, trk list) and then dropped in the album folder or imported before rip, you can rename any google image name to simply "folder" Tried loads of rippers in the past and think dBpoweramp is one of the best.
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Find album art using this

and edit the tagging to add the files using this

both free and very easy to use. All rippers get it wrong sometimes so this is a good backup solution
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EAC will scrape/add cover art , will even let you choose sometimes where more than one option exists , but they are always extremely small pixelated postage stamp size versions.
Terrible quality.

When ripping a title , its always best to add your own cover art , either scan it , or download it , just google the album title and go to images , pick a quality cover of the required size , and add it to the album using mp3tag once the rip is complete.

Dont leave it to auto scrapers from any program , you end up with rubbish cover art.
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I go along with @Kapkirk here, I tried EAC but found it much too complicated for what should be a fairly simple process.

I bought dBpoweramp - price is reasonable and it includes other useful tools - and it's very easy to use. It finds quite a few cover arts and it fits one of them into the cover art box. You can however click on its chosen pic and a whole screen of alternatives pops up and you can tap one of those if it's a better match.

If you don't like what the program chooses you can look for a better match on the web and use that, and you can even take a photo of the actual album and paste that into the box - just re-size it to 800x800 pixels max (I think).
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Sony Media Go is a free to download all in one program which while intended for their own DAPs players works fine with other brands .. I have been able to use it with a number mobile phones, and Apple iPhone etc. But even more weird is that it coexists with EAC , so the EAC error correction , multiple reading process will take place under the umbrella of the Sony. It does everything necessary, including getting the artworks ,and arranging the albums under name of band on the on the hard drive.
It is no longer available on official Sony sites and has been replaced by the inferior Sony Music Centre ,it is available as a download from other sites. Media Go 3.2.191 – Vessoft

In fairness the Sony Music Centre has better DNLA or streaming capacity, .. but what one can do is capture files in Media Go and migrate them to Music Centre
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