Using DVI to HDMI cable help.


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Not sure if am in the right section so mods if am in the wrong place please move this topic to the right section thanks.

Today I found a DVI to HDMI cable in my room today. When I was looking at it I thought why did I buy this until I remembered I was going to connect my laptop to my TV.

So today I plugged the DVI end into my laptop and the other end into my TV. Now it works but there is a slight problem. On my tv am only getting a small screen. What I mean is I have a 42" 1080p HDTV. When I turn my laptop on it appears on my TV screen but in small view. How can I get it any bigger to fit full screen. Also the colour is all weird its like a purple colour on my tv but fine on the laptop screen is there some sort of settings I have to do on my laptop to fix this?

Thanks in advance. If you are unsure in what am trying to explain let me know and I will take a picture of what am talking about.


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Depends on your TV.

First try choosing 1080p resolution on your laptop and force it, if no luck – go for PIP setting on your TV and do 1:1 pixel mapping if it does it. Otherwise refer to your TVs manual – it may only be able to display a certain resolution via certain port. Highest resolution port is normally the highest one by number.


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Your laptop and the TV need to work on the same settings to work correctly. DVI is slightly different to HDMI and this can mean that some TVs and laptops dont communicate quite right and end up on the wrong settings.

The HDMI resolution refers to to the height of the image in pixels. (EG 1080P refers to a screen res of 1920x1080)
Try setting the resolution for the TV on the laptop to one of the resolutions below and see which works best. Your TV should auto adjust to whichever you choose.

Also take a look at refresh rate, as this can often go wrong using DVI. Many Tvs can do 50hz or 60 hz. some good ones can manage 100hz. You laptop my default to an incorrect refresh rate causing screen issues.

1080 = 1920x1080
720 = 1280x720
480 = 852x480

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