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Hi guys can i use my computer to run all my kit into it ie vidieo sky box dvd player plus second dvd player and if so how and what would i need to build this computer to run all this ty mike


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You would only have to connect the Sky box, you could use the pc to play everything else. I think you could connect the sky with Svideo lead to your graphics card. You could install a freeview card in the pc, as most boxes are scart output.

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Ok let try this i have 200 dvds i like to watch over and over plus i would like space for nother 100 on hard drive total of 300 dvd films on average lenght of film 2 hours 30mins how much hard drive would i need to have for them plus 200 cds at 80 mins also would like 5.1 sound card to card to amp to carry DD PLUS D t s So i would like no 1 sky going into computer using pj as monitor no 2 dvds loaded on to hard drive no 3 videio in to computer for outside cameras all of the above with best picture quailty poss and sound ty .mike

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HI IF you put standard DVD's to Hard drive then aim for about 5GB per film.

(Hi DEF films aim at about 15GB per film - though some can be 25GB !!!!)

so 300 DVD's will be 1.5TB (tera Bytes) or 1500 GB's

YOu can now get Hard drives as big as 750 GB so 3 of those in a PC would be a serious media store and alow for expansion.......

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