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Hi there,

I have purchased x2 Sony Bravia TV's.

Currently there are both permanently connected to my internet router via WiFi.

I am trying to configure the wired ethernet connection to my home LAN (separate network) that has a built in media server (NAS) from which I can stream movies directly.

I have had both connections working separately, however it seems when I want to switch between the 2 connections, I have go through the network setup wizard and configure whichever one I then want to use (making the other one no longer available).

Has anyone else been able to set up both network adapters and use them at the same time?

1 TV is only around 1 month old (this is the one I have set up and tested as above) the older bravia is around 6-7 years old.

Ideally I want to be able to use Netflix (via WiFI adapter)- then switch to my media server (on my home LAN) without making any configuration changes. Putting the NAS on the same network as the internet connection is not something I would consider at present.

I would appreciate any feedback on this, thanks.





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The tv will use either wifi or ethernet, but not both at the same time.

To do that requires bridge mode, which tvs are not compatible for.

There is no easy solution using just your tv.

You could possibly buy a managed switch that supports multiple vlans and configure 2 vlans on its ports. 1 for internet and 1 for your nas and switch cable to tv between the vlan ports when you want to switch networks. Or leave tv plugged into the managed switch use the router sofware for switch to switch tv between vlans for nas and internet.

Physically switching between two network cables

Something like this might work.
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