Using an unlocked Huawei E220


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I previously had an E220 from operator A (I'm in Europe, but not in the UK). By installing firmware from the Huawei site, I unlocked the modem, and I was subsequently able to dial in to operator B, using a phone number and generic userid/password found somewhere on the web.

The question is: since I was using a SIM card from operator A, but using operator B's network, where does money/payment come into the picture? If my contract with operator A specifies some usage limitations, who is going to enforce them? And, does all this mean that I can use the modem overseas for free (assuming, of course, that I'd be able to find a phone number and userid/password appropriate for the country I'm in)?

Thanks for any input.


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Yes, you will pay the call charges to dial Operator B, this will probably be at a higher rate than a voice call (depending who Operator A is). However, you will only get dial-up speeds. For 3G/HSDPA speed you will need a SIM from Operator B and details of their APN.


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Funny how things become obvious once you know the answer:) Of course, it behaves just like a normal cell phone behaves - you pay your operator, regardless of whom you call.

Thanks for the replies.

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