Using an iPod through a denon udm30


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Hi I have recently started using my Denon UD-M30 *hifi again, but am obviously currently limited to just playing CD's. I was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to link an iPod through this system. For example could I use a simple 3.5mm to RCA cable and plug this into the back of the hifi? And tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Yes you can use that lead, just set the Denon to your normal listening volume and set the iPod to minimum volume and then gently increase the iPod volume till you get a sensible level from the Denon without distortion or clipping.

A better solution is to buy one of these
iBasso Line Out Dock Adapter for iPod, iTouch & iPhone

and use the same lead. This gives a proper fixed line out from the ipod which is much better quality than using the headphone out. It is also good because you can change the lead according to what you are connecting it to. It is a very cheap upgrade for much better sound.

Beyond that there are many ipod docks which do the same thing but cost more.


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Hi, thankyou very much for your help. I will look into buying the adapter you suggested. Just to check would I simply plug the rca into where the tape deck used to connect to the main hifi unit? Thanks again


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Richer Sounds sell a Cambridge Audio iPod Dock ID10 at £20 or so - this gives the advantage of keeping the iPod charged whilst you listen, and stops the iPod from rolling around on the end of the lead (as it would do with the Basso above). Again, merely connect 3.5mm jack on the back of the dock to the Twin Phono inputs on the HiFi.

Remote control for it available separately
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Thanks for the advice, once its all connected, which function would I need to select on the hifi? Thanks again

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