Using an Apple iBook with a Sharp LC32GA3E? Then give me a hand, please! =)



This thread is for apple ibook users but if anyone else can help, I do appreciate it.

My Apple iBook has a mini-DVI port and I have an adapter mini-DVI -> VGA that I use with external VGA displays.

My Sharp LC32GA3E has arrived yesterday and today I went out to do some cable shopping. Apart from an issue I will post on another thread, I was surprised that I didn't find any VGA - DVI-I cables.

After a couple of shops, a shop clerk told me that there aren't any VGA - DIV-I cables.
So, question one, is this true?

Question two, if you are an iBook user, how to you hook it to your Sharp lcd tv?

Thanks =)


For no other reason beside owning an LCD tv for the first time (after a very long CRT life) and knowing nothing about it =)
Thanks Hoyin! Good tip!


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Are you sure that the iBook supports dvi ? I thought they were crippled with vga only ...
VGA, S-video and composite video output: Video mirroring supports VGA video out to an external display or projector (requires included Apple VGA Video Adapter) and S-video and composite video out to a TV or VCR (requires optional Apple Video Adapter, sold separately).

But to try and be helpful, try CPC. I suspect that you probably need a VGA cable with an adapter, like this, but I'm not 100%.

Cheers, Carl.


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The DVI input on the Sharps are DVI-I meaning that it takes analogue and digital. VGA to DVI is just a matter of a different plug on the end.



Carl: no, I'm not sure. Some time ago, I've seen some models connected to apple's last CRT displays (before they shift production to lcd) that use DVI-I but I'm not a 100% sure.
Thanks for the warning! =)

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