Using Amps for Video Switching?

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Looking at upgrading my amp at present, but am a little confused about video switching.

Looking at the backs of the amps on my short list all have s-video and component inputs and outputs. However what I don't understand is if I connect my DVD player to the amp via component and my Sky + via S-video can I just use the component out for both, and if so does it upconvert my s-video signal to component?
Not sure what type of amp you are after but I run a Yam630rds that has a component feed in from ps2, component feed in from DVD and component fee out ( i.e 3 cables) back to Panny TV and it works fine with no noticeable degradation of signal.
What it cant do is convert component in to S video out, say, which is what you alluded to.
Anyone know if higher spec amps can swap signal source ?

Many of the big brand manufacturers (Denon, Pioneer, Yamaha) now provide AV Receivers that will up-convert Composite and S-Video to Component to give you simplified connectivity to a TV or Display with YUV Component video inputs. Expect to pay £700+ for a Receiver with this feature.

Another option would be to use a JS Technology RGB2YUV converter (c£150) between your SKY+ and the YUV inputs on an AV Receiver with YUV switching - many AV Receivers with YUV switching at £400+.

Converting the RGB signal from your Digibox to YUV is preferable to converting the S-Video signal to YUV as the RGB signal is better to begin with.

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Note - on many of the lower priced AV Receivers with YUV switching the receivers own Set-Up menu is NOT delivered down its YUV output so you still need to retain a Composite or S-Video output if you want to 'See' the receivers On-Screen menus.

This is not a problem with the more upmarket receivers as they tend to have the On-Screen menus via the YUV outputs.

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