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Hi guys i use my amp for all my kit to run from on my ampi have 2 inputs for red gren blue and 1 red green blue out i use this for my pj i think its componet out if i go red green blue out but where on pj do i go ty .mike

Barcoing Mad

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You're using a Barcom801s? If so, no component inputs....need transcoder or scaler or decent HTPC running Dscaler with Sweetspot capture card.

If you're using RGB with composite sync, then you can use the component connections for RGB and the composite connections for the composite sync and switch RGBCs.

I can't remember if Barco happy with composite as combined sync source.

Scaler/PC would be the way to go.

Mad Mr H

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801s has

video composite input on BNC connector

SVHS input on a standard SVHS connector

RGBHV input on port 5 as 5xBNC

I think you downloaded the manual, it then goes on to tell you other options on the port 5 input.

BUT RGBHV is the best signal you can give it.

PORT3 will also take RGBHV or RGsB - again manual has full details

Its worth checking the manual as it has great pictures which show how to connect up to different inputs.
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