Question Using Amazon Prime Video with a Google setup


I have a Google Home + Chromecast and I am able to walk in an say "Hey Google, Play Big Bang Theory". It will switch the TV on and start playing from Netflix. I am able to play/pause adjust volume etc....and I can switch off at the end with a voice command.

To play content from the other services I use, I can fallback to my phone, tablet or computer and cast the other content from Now TV, Rakuten, BT Sport, 4OD, ...

The exception to this is Amazon Prime Video which obviously isn't linked. I thought getting a Nvidia Shield would help with this but it doesn't feel as nice/integrated - I haven't been able to put my finger on why that is...I think its the fact I have to fallback to using the TV interface. Some of the voice commands don't work, or don't work as well.

Amazon have a casting feature too, but you need their stick for it to work. So I'm thinking of just having them both plugged in. This begs the question, I need a way to toggle the input on my TV for when I want to watch amazon or vice versa.

I'd like to have a simple voice command "Hey Google, Switch input" and it switch the input. Right now, whenever I want the Shield to do something, I have to say "Hey Google, tell the shield to ...."

1. Is this possible?
2. What additional hardware/setup do I need?

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