Using a UPS with a projector??


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Dec 12, 2002
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Living in my house nearly 3yr now and we used to get a the
power knocked off a lot,not much now but its always in the back
of my head and don't think it would be too healthy for my
panny anyone using or know if its any point
in running the projector through a UPS so that if the juice is knocked if would keep it going long enough to turn it off
and let the fan cool the lamp --- them lamps are expensive
It's a matter of evaluating the risk vs. the cost of a UPS. If your mains supply is known to be unreliable enough to warrant it, then yes. The issue is only partly about the lamp itself; there are other components which may suffer from excess heat - most PJs have plastic parts which may scorch or deform if allowed to warm up. And the sudden removal of power will mean that the residual heat of the lamp is no longer being dissipated by airflow.
I us a ups on all my av gear except the amp and sub( bass response can be degraded by ups's). Its great I can watch tele or the projector for an hour or 2 before the batterys get low and it conditions the mains aswell.

Id recommend it to anyone as an essential piece of kit.
I was just thinking of this after the power went out last week in the midst of watch Dune mini series. Might have to look into it when I mount the PJ.
You won't need anything big to support the pj - something of a similar currant/kw rating should do it.

You should test the UPS at least once a year by plugging a similar load into it - a 500w heater or something you know that draws the same amount of current as the projector, and you'll know how long you have to power down the pj in case of a mains fail. It'll also tell you if the batteries are naff and need replacing.


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