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Alien Cranium

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A Panasonic TX-36PD30. I've tried tuning in to Swedish TV (don't laugh) but I get only one channel with no sound. I've tried looking up what the problem is and I think its to do with the UHF and VHF. Do I need to an adapter or can I adjust something on the set?

Many thanks



Ahahahahahaa...... :rotfl:

But no, seriously: I'm not an expert, but I do know that the system they use in Sweden (and the rest of Europe, except FRANCE) – i.e. PAL B/G, is slightly different from the one in the UK – PAL I. All this means, really, is that the sound is transmitted on a different sub-frequency, so you have to set your TV to PAL B/G instead of PAL I, if your TV doesn't do this automatically for you. Also, there are no TV channels on VHF in the UK, so it MIGHT BE that your TV simply doesn't tune in the VHF channels, but here I'm just guessing.

Tight Git

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Hello Alien Cranium, and welcome. :)

Although not specifically Sweden, this has been covered many times.

(Will a UK TV work on the continent etc...?)

Do a search and you'll get lots of info.

Good luck. :smashin:

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