Using a Sony RDR-HX510 DVD Recorder with HD-TV question


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I'm thinking of upgrading to a 37/40" HD-TV and wondered I would need to upgrade from my Sony RDR-HX510 DVD Recorder. It has component output, but not HDMI, will I still get decent PQ when watching DVDs?


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I'm using a similar RDR-HXD710 HDD/DVD recorder with my new 42" Pioneer TV and it works reasonably well, even with a Scart connection. The TV does a fine job of upscaling on its own. I have no problem with the freeview recording quality, but dedicated DVD playback is not as good as I was hoping for. But I haven't actually compared it with a dedicated DVD player yet, so I'm holding back my judgement. The bottom line is it works fine, but I might get better results from a top end dedicated DVD player.

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