Using a small monitor with projector?

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Sep 17, 2000
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This post isn't actually about a projector, so I apologise for posting here, but I think that this is something that might be of particular interest to projector owners.

I have a Sony 10HT, and have recently upgraded my DVD player to one with SACD & DVD-Audio (Pioneer 668-AV). I'm now starting to collect some DVD-A discs, and though they do contain limited graphics for track selection etc, it seems unnecessary to have a 7-foot screen down and a projector (with associated fan noise) active. To this end, I thought it might be an idea to have a small LCD monitor sitting on my equipment rack for use in such situations. I should be able to handle all the switching seamlessly with my Pronto (and maybe X10 if needed). I've noticed there's plenty of 7" screens on eBay at the moment (just search for 7" and LCD) going for under £100 inc. P&P. Has anyone else tried this route?

I have the same problem and settled for a 15" TFT monitor.

Bought the unit here in the ads for £90 - it is anice slimline Sony unit.

I am using this for both PC input and also AV - so I can have projector on or off, or if on, use the big screen for PC and monitor for AV... or vice versa...

Really nice solution and looks nice and clean.

I did look at other cheapo monitors, an dthey really are just monitors - I could not see myself watching anything on it an dPC use was a no go.

That sounds like a very good price!

I didn't realise that you could get 15" monitors that would accept AV type signals. What's the model number of the one you got?

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