Using a NAS with Dune and WDTV


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I have a Dune (with internal hard disk) in one room and a newly acquired WDTV (with attached hard disk) in the other room.

For xmas, I am getting a Synology NAS.

What I intend to do is store all my media on the NAS and stream to my Dune (ethernet) and WDTV (wireless).

I was wondering (perhaps a bit late!) whether this is likely to lead to any issues or conflicts?

Does the WDTV install anything on the hard drives which might cause issues with the Dune?

And for example, I love the “media scraping” on the WDTV and I note this downloads little files on the hard disk which I assume are the movie sheets, although the actual file names don’t show in the list of files on the WDTV interface. However, when I browse the media folders on my Dune, will these be added to the list?


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The video wall for Dune is done differently.
There are applications such as Zappiti and YaDis (I use Zappiti).
With Zappiti you export in information to Dune but this is just a diractory that the Dune player uses so you can export to a directory on the NAS so it will work with the PC off, you just use the PC to update Zappiti.


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Thanks Trollslayer. I wasn't anticipating that the moviesheets etc. for the WDTV would display on the Dune, it was more a case of ensuring that they don't cause problems on the Dune and also don't show in the list of files.


The files may well show if browsing the folders on the Dune. But I can't see that they will cause any problems.



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there is a hidden file called dune_folder.txt where you can list extensions that are not shown on the Dune
      - "system_files = {pattern1}[,{pattern2}...]".
         - Allows to specify which files should be treated as system and
           thus hidden (when "Hide system files = Yes" option is enabled in
         - Each "pattern" can be the exact name of file/folder, or a
           pattern including wildcards ("*" means any sequence of
           characters, "?" means any single character).
         - Example:
            - "system_files = *.aai,icon.bmp"

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