Using a Lumina TV with a SKY+ Amstrad DRX180

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by [BIA]Mooncat, Oct 13, 2005.

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    Just got myself this :

    And i want to connect my :

    Im running Media Centre 2005 and im trying to configure the media centre remote control Ive bought with the Lumina to operate my SKY+ Amstrad DRX180

    Ive got an ir extention cable coming out of the ir jack on the lumina and brought it round infront of the SKY+ box.

    But when I do the satellite box remote configuration wizard. It wont detect the Amstrads remote control when i press the "asked" for key by Media Centre.

    When I try and manually find the Amstrad DRX180 SKY+ receiver I find listings in Media Centre for :

    Amstrad (but with no model listing for : DRX180 )
    Sky Broadcasting
    ETC ..................................................

    Ive tried a few of these in an attempt to get Media Centre to use the Amstrad DRX180 but couldnt get any to work.

    Each one of te groups above has like 25+ listings on each section. Listing S(Codes) e.g.


    But none of the ones Ive tried so far seem to work ?

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