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I got rid of my computer desk and now have my computer plugged into my TV. I can control everything with my IR keyboard, the MCE one with a laptop style mouse pointer thingy. But I need to be able to use a proper mouse and keyboard if I want to play games.

My first thought was a coffee table and a low chair so I can get my legs under the table, but I'm finding it difficult finding a suitable chair.
This isn't going to be my main chair, I have an armchair for watching tv, playing consoles, etc, so the smaller and easier to push to the side the better.

An alternative would be to get some kind of TV dinner table/armchair table, but the ones I've seen so far arn't really suitable.

Does anyone have any ideas?
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I just sit on the floor with my legs under the coffee table while leaning against the sofa.

They have low chair type things in Ikea I think.

You could always have a piece of board to go across the arms of the armchair for your keyboard and mouse?


also thinking of getting rid of my computer desk and pluggin it into the TV. Let me know what solution you come up with.


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I'm finding it difficult finding a suitable chair
I have a chair with long, level arms and simply rest a wooden board on them once I've sat down. Works a treat and makes PC gaming with mouse and keyboard on the home cinema a breeze. :thumbsup:

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