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Hi for a birthday present I was given Zelda, bought from HMV, however I had already got it, therefore I went to HMV looking to exchange it for the Godfather but in store it is £50! And you can get it for £30 on the net therefore I asked for a refund which they said they could not do even though it was unopened, however they said they could do me a gift card with the balance of the price of the game (£40).
So now I am stuck with this gift card, does anyone know if this can be used online? can I just return it and get cash back for it? or if I cant use it on the internet do HMV price match their site?.
I would like to buy the godfather in the next couple of days but would prefer to get it from HMV otherwise I would have no other use really for the card (unless I give it to someone else when their birthday comes round:smashin: ) because most things I buy are online and don’t actually remember ever buying anything from HMV


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sorry to say but no u cant use a hmv gift card online which is pretty **** coz i got one 2 days ago and the closest store is in glasgow and i stay in saltcoats.if u need any more info contact me at [email protected]:thumbsup:


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I'm not sure what the point was of bringing up such an old thread to be honest. I'm sure the OP will have already got an answer to his questions.

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