Using a display as a TV and a monitor - which one?




At the moment I am using my desktop as a monitor and have a TV tuner for it to watch TV on. However, I am selling it and getting a laptop instead. I want to hook up an external monitor to this laptop, so it needs to to have a DVI connection. I also have a wall socket aerial for TV (sorry, don't know what you call it) so it also needs to have a socket for that.

I would like something bigger than my current 20" screen, so 22 or 24 would be nice and would like it to be HD ready (a connection for a PVR would be nice, too (I assume this would use the line in from the wall, and then connect the line out to the TV?)).

I know people used to say you can't have both a TV and a monitor - but that was several years ago and I assume there are now legitimate options for this.

My budget isn't massive so am looking for a relatively cheap option (around £200) which could handle these options. Is it possible or am I just dreaming?

Edit: Oh yes, I forgot, I also plan to hook up my PS3 to it.

Thanks for the help!
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You will probably need to up your budget slightly, I quite like the look and specs of the Samsung range of monitors/tv's I have just seen at PC World. If your looking for cheaper brands/models you could try Ebuyer, Misco or maybe even Richer Sounds.



There is a 22" 1920x1080 lg which makes an excellent monitor / television.

Available for £180 ish if you look around... i think richers have an offer alongside some other places.

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The hybrids (PC/TV) are usually of poor quality. I have never seen an hybrid with quality panel and processor for daily viewing.

PS: If you don't mind me asking, why not buy a USB DTB-T card instead? The quality will be far better and you can double it up as a PVR.

PPS: I recommend the Dell 2209WA from Scan btw.

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