Using a Canon A70 with a DC Adaptor



Does anyone know if a general-purpose AC/DC adaptor such as this one would work with the Canon Powershot A70?

Does the A70 have a DC outlet?. I think you'd be better of buying a charger for the AA's it takes
Yes, it does have an outlet (inlet?) . You can buy a Canon AC adaptor but it's expensive.

I agree, I'll be definitely getting a charger and 4X 2350mAh Ni-MH batteries, I just wanted an adaptor for viewing pics on the telly and transfering files to the PC.

Searching around it seems that it probably would work ->this discussion in the US was useful.
I would think so, why not get one on the 16 day back deal at argos. You can just take it back if it's no good

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