Using a camcorder mounted on a car

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    A couple of us do quite a lot of trackdays in our cars, and we would like to go about recording our antics. So far the criteria I have includes miniDV, DV in/out, Anologue in (for attaching a remote lipstick camcorder, for extreme camera angles), Mic in.

    It seems that all camcorders come with either electical or optical methods of image stabalisation, but I'm not sure if these technologies can cope with our application (our cars have hard suspension settings), and whether or not both these methods can be switched off.

    What is more of a question is progressive scan. Is this an important feature. Does it not cause a problem when viewing a non-interlaced image on a TV?

    Finally, shutter speed. What's the point of having 1/8,000 when the image is recorded at 1/25 or 1/50?

    As far as models are concerned I've whittled them down to Sony PC9 or PC110, Panasonic DS38 or MX7, or the Canon 400i/450i. Choice seems to be down to whether the before mentioned features are really necessary or not.

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