Using a 24w charger for a Poco f3


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Hi everyone,

I have just bought a Poco f3 that came with a 33w charger but I currently go between 2 properties at the moment and have a 24w Anker charger with IQ functionality.

Would i be able to use my Anker charger on my Poco f3 without causing any damage?

I understand that if I can use the Anker charger that it would charge slower but it would save me having to buy a 2nd charger.

Any help would be most appreciated

Kind regards Mark


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Shouldn't be a problem. I've mixed and matched chargers and different phones for years without any problems. Currently using an anker charger with a poco phone with no problems and a Samsung S10 too


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I use different chargers all the time, they just charge more slowly than the “fast” charger I have

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