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I recently purchased a 706, and I'm in the process of determining how to setup my speakers.

In my current apartment, I'm lucky enough to have some in-wall speakers already installed throughout the place; only two of which I'd like to use. The majority of their use would come from my Mac mini using a Toslink connection. I use this Mac mini for TV shows, movies, and iTunes using Plex, but will only want the iTunes music to be able to play over these two extra wall speakers.

Reading the manual, I understand that Zone 2 won't work for me because only analog inputs will be outputted to the second zone. In order to get around this, I was thinking of potentially using the extra two speaker connections of the 7.1 setup as a 'Zone 2'. My normal listening surround setup will be a 5.1 and I have no real desire to use these extra connections for 7.1.

Also, I would never theoretically want to listen to something on these two extra speakers that I wouldn't want to listen to on my 5.1 setup.

My questions are:

1. Is this a bad idea? Or is there a way to use the Zone 2?
2. Is there a listening mode I can toggle back and forth with to utilize the speakers in 7.1 and then switch back to 5.1 for actual listening?
3. Does anybody have a similar problem and discovered a solution?

Thanks in advance from a newbie.

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