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If I want to add another monitor to my PC can I do it with some sort of cable that splits into two?

Or will I have to put another Graphics card in the PC or even a new Graphics card with two outputs?

I'm currently using Win XP and a VGA cable to connect.

I have seen a cable with DVI connection to connect to a graphics card and then splits to two VGA connections. But I've not come acrouss a VGA connection that splits into two VGA connections. (hope that makes sense)



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You will need a graphics card that supports dual monitors. As far as I'm aware you can't buy a cabl that splits (would be extreamly suprised).

Has your current graphics card not got two outs? Quite often one VGA and one DVI.


As Rob has already said you do need a graphics card with 2 outputs to run 2 monitors with separate screens. A splitter cable would just duplicate your desktop onto both monitors.
I run my PC with 2 monitors run from a duel headed graphics card, but I also have a dedicated video capture card that has a VGA output on it. So in theory I could run 3 monitors (all 3 are shown from the 'Settings' tab in 'Display Properies') . I would therefore think that you could add a second GC, but would probably have compatability issues if doing this. I would suggest that just adding a duel header card would be far easier to get working.



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Thanks both for replying.

I have just the one output (onboard graphics) .... so I'll invest in a new graphics card.


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