using 2 ipods on one itunes library?


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i have a 20gb ipod and i have it connected to my itunes library, i use the automatic sync option, so everytime i load a new album to the library it automatically updates on my ipod, my sister has just bought a 2gb nano, hwo can she use my library to pick and choose the albums she wants on her nano?


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One way is this.....

Auto sync yours.

Install hers but select manual sync.

Create a playlist and dump all her tracks into it. Drag the playlist onto the nano icon.

You'll end up with that playlist on your ipod of course but then it won't actually take any space up.


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cwick said:
The first time iTunes sees her iPod it will ask you what you want to do - sync manually or automatically. That's what CLH means by installing.
Yes, that's just what I meant.

Also, you might have to install the ipod updater software for Nano even for the PC to SEE the Nano.
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