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So Im seriously thinking about getting one of these in the not too distant future .... love the thought of carrying around all of my music (possible IPOD for sale :) all of my digital photos .. and indeed a lot of movies ... just wanting to hear from anyone who is currently using this - especially from the PVR point of view ... how well does it work - what about getting recordings from my SKY+ box onto the archos ?

Any information much appreciated.



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Yeah, connect the supplied cables from the source(sky, vcr, dvd etc) and then simply connect the recording module, which plugs directly into the Archos unit. You have the choice of s-video or composite in. Both look quite good on a screen this small although s-video edges it slightly (as you might expect)
The Archos automatically records all programs in MP4 format, with the audio side of things being encoded @192Kbps (MP3)
You have 4 different video recording modes available. As usual the better the quality the larger the video file. (although with 80GB available, i would suggest you use the best quality every time)
You can also set timers to record programs when you are out/asleep etc
As mentioned in the previous thread, one of the most fabulous things about this unit is that it will quite happily copy DVD's (both Pal & NTSC). Although, strangely, it will not recognise a DTS soundtrack. (complete silence when playing back on the Archos)
Don't hesitate to ask if you need any more info.:thumbsup:


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So I finally got myself an archos (AV380) and boy have I been impressed. Check out some of my photos here I was just wondering if anyone knows where i could pick up spare batterys from - I have 2 but wouldnt mind a third ?

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