user replaceable batteries, which models/manufacturers?


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blimey, this research into my 1st player is sending me a little :suicide:

anyway, after finding out a few players that are compatible with my aged Win98SE (no comments about upgrading, please! :rolleyes: ), & then nearly buying a USA spec iriver320 with no UK warranty - i've now found out about the wonderful replacement battery problem :eek:

silly lil' ol' me just assumed you'd buy a replacement battery when the old one snuffed it, like i do for my mobi. but, it just couldn't be THAT simple could it?!

manufacturers websites seem to hide this information in the most obscure corner of their support forums, or just don't answer your emails :rolleyes:

whilst on my mammoth quest, i've found no end of threads all over the place about battery death just after the warranty period. i feel like i'm looking for problems for the sake of it & am wondering if this is something i should really worry about :rolleyes:

soooo, i'm spending up to £200 & i want it to last a good while. for what i'll use it for (just music), new bells & whistles of the latest models don't really bother me. it'll probably be used for a max of 3 hours 3-4 times a week.

is battery life really a major concern for a user like me?? :lease:

all info gratefully received! :smashin:


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What about the Creative Zen models? I know the Zen Micro has a user replaceable similar to mobile phone types battery. And the new Zen Vision M, which apparently knocks spots off the equivalent ipod, can be found for around £189 online.

See HERE for a review and HERE from Amazon. I'm sure I'd seen it for £180 somewhere but can't remember :rolleyes:


This zen vision m is a great player but it has built-in battery and will not work under Windows 98. With these restrictions choices are indeed limited:
Excellent players like Zen Micro Photo or Sandisk e260 have replacable battery but won't work under Windows 98. I could name only few players that would match what you are looking for: Zen Micro, MuVo players (v200 or n200) and iAudio G3. Google them.
Good Luck!

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