User manual if only I could fathom out what Kenwood this is ?


90yr old friend has bought from shop a second hand Kenwood hi fi but they didnt supply a manual.
I can get one using internet I say full of confidence, then googling what little data I have from writing on front of unit I fail.

Looks like four units but upper two and lower two are each one box when look at sides.

Upper unit has standby in red and a flashing 0:00 above it. shows bar chart equalizer effect when running. Kenwood A-83L on front in screen printed off white ink.
next unit down has buttons for tuner aux cd and ....cant remember 4th ! and a knob.
next unit down is either CD or cassette.
CD deck has drawer that comes out, eject button at right
Cassette deck is X-83 and dual cassette, doors pop open hinged at base when a small lever sitting beyond the case base it seems, lower left and lower right is pushed.

Handset has RC-B3 on it.
I downloaded a manual for XDA83 but frontage doesnt match his.

what has he got here and which user manual should I get, a link to such would be heaven to have.
bugless non catchy out unwary sources., though I am astute :)

Was £100 a steal ? did they fleece him ?



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RBZ5416 that sure looks like it I have photos now of front and they match.
The A-83L is in fact A-B3L and the X-83 is in fact X-B3.
The manual page 13 has A-B3 with no L in the image page but the frontage is the same, this one having the UK variant with no mic socket etc at right.
No label on back giving model number though it gives serial number etc on a panel I expected to see the model number on !

Many thanks indeed. I would never have known this was a UD301 !

I think £100 was a bit steep as he is v elderly and without internet so wouldnt have know a typical price for it, went into shop, said unit kaput and they saw chance of selling this to him it seems to me.


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