Used TV as a new TV?




I recently purchased sony 36"TV.
After waiting near 2 months, they called me that the TV will be delievered to me tommorow.
The retailer told me that the cabinet will be arrive 2 months later..:eek:

I ordered TV and the cabinet together.
But, why would they bring them separately and sooo long time taken.

I'm worried that the TV was the displayed one rather than brand new... as the cabinet coming separately.

Is it possible that the used(display) TV could be sold to customer?..
And, if so... how would I check if it's new from factory and unopened?

I don't want get an used one when I payed so much money to them.:(


A couple of pionts,if the stand was included in the same box as the tv imagine how big it would be!
You will probably find that they simply didnt have the correct number of stands for the tv's in the first place or maybe someone had a damaged one that they had to replace giving them an odd number or maybe the stand is shared by more than set in the range.
There are a couple of ways you can sometimes tell if a set is an ex-display one,there may well be batteries in the remote when you get it as well as the "original" batteries still in the wrapper with the instructions,which they will avoid opening if they can to preserve the "new look" as the remote is usually packed sepertate to the book of words.
Depending on how long the set has been on display check for dust,usually the best place is the grills along the back as no matter how hard you try its difficult to get all the dust out without taking off the back and washing it,try shining a torch in the back and see if there is any significant amout of dust in the back of the set itself as well.
At the end of the day I dont think you have anything to worry about,just accept the stand is a seperate and they simply ran out.


I've been waiting about 2months TV and cabinet to arrive.
and, now they are saying that the cabinet would come after another 2months...
why would it take "4months" to fly from Japan to NZ when the TV took 2months arrive?
The cabinet must had very bad seasick.

I told them I need the TV in hurry a week ago.
And now, they called me they will be delieverd tommorow with no cabinet.
That makes me worried they've packed the Ex-displayed one for me.

I will check the TV as you told me, tommorow.
Thank you for your help.


I've got the TV today.
I couldn't find any dust on the TV.
But, a tiny scratch on the top and the battery was already in the remote control...:(
Included scart connector also had several scratchs on it..:(
Is this sign of being displayed before?..:(
I guess I can't do anything about it.. but it keeps me concerned..:(

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