Used B&W PV1D vs New SVS SB12-NSD


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Hello there,

I am brand new in the AV world, I have an Onkyo NVR636 paired with B&W M1 mk1 and am looking for a matching subwoofer.
My actual room is a 4.5m x 3.3m = 15sqm where my homeoffice is, so it's not really a HT specific room.
I will eventually move the setup in a living room, once we get the house extension we are planning ( might be 1-2 years ahead ) and it will have 4.5 m x 8.8m ~ 40 square meters - the new living room.

I am building towards that with already some modifications in mind.
I will be mostly listening to music, so I would say 70% music and 30% movies.

But today I have the option of buying a second hand B&W PV1D at the same price as a new SVS SB-12-NSD - aprox 550 EUR locally. Unfortunately I could only find on the second market locally: SVS PB-1000 ( 380 EUR ) or SVS PB-2000 ( 680 EUR ).

Is the B&W PV1D worth it - as the price new is ( in my eyes ) unjustified over SB-12 ?
Is it a big difference between 200mm vs 300mm diameter of speaker ?

Thanks for your tips,


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If it was music only I'd say the PV1 but. There should be big difference lower down especially below 30hz.. So I'd probably go for the SB12 :)


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I just discovered that my local dealer also has the older SVS PB12-NSD ( 510 EUR ) at lower price than SB12-NSD. Is this maybe a better deal ?


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SVS SB12-NSD is still very popular sub, sitting between SB1000 and SB2000 (same cabinet as the latter has). You can read lot more about it from AVSF, be it movie or music system people seems to really enjoy them in US, usually duals! Also Russell liked it lot back in the days. Good reading here:
SVS SB12-NSD Subwoofer Review

@miguelbarroso bought one while ago! Happy chap.

PB12-NSD would be better suited for the larger room (40sqm), but with music usage so high you might still prefer the SB12-NSD over it. I think Miguel has quite large room, he might be able to give you more idea how SB12NSD performs. With movies the PB12-NSD is quite different animal as you would imagine with the much larger cabinet and vented design. People have different tastes and you could always think about adding second SB12NSD when you move out, if not before. :)

It seems the new PV1D is good step up from the old PV1. But i still remember people have had problems with B&W sub amps. I wouldn`t personally buy 2nd hand sub from them. SVS has 5year amp warranty which keeps you safe.


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Yes, I replaced a PB10-NSD (10, not 12) with my current SB12-NSD. The PB10 was way too big, and I couldn't place it very well in my room. The SB12-NSD ended up performing better in movies, maybe because of the better placement I was able to achieve. And it's better also for music (although now with the Silver 8s I decided to turn off the sub for 2.0 music - but I still use it in "party mode" aka "multich stereo" to rock the house down - with electronic / synth music, it's a bomb!!!).

In my other setup, I tried the PB10-NSD for 2.1 and was not very fond of the results (25sqm room). Then tried a BK Gemini II with better results, and now a REL Strata III, that I consider the best sub for music I ever had.


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Thanks for the advice so far.
The PV1D comes from a family member, so I wouldn't worry about the condition, hoping only it won't just die on me - maybe I can test it some days/weeks before I commit.

If I look at the pricing between SB12 vs PB12, I feel that as PB12 being discounted ( 60 EUR cheaper than SB12 ), it would be a better deal on the long run ( and more dynamic as in goes lower in the freq ).

Local dealer mentioned over the phone they will match the same price for me for both SB12-NSD and PB12-NSD - 510 EUR.

Will a SB12-NSD be better for music even within 40sqm ?

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My room is 39sqm, and it rocks!

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