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In the next week or so work will start on my dedicated room for listening/movies and games. I have yet to get the PJ and screen but in the first instance I am concentrating on the amplification.

I currently have a full set of speakers for 6.1 consisting of Polk R40 floorstanders for the front, RT25i for the rears and a pair of CS400i speakers for front and rear centres. All this with a SVS 20-39PCi sub :D

Now the room is not massive, something roughly like 15'x7' so i'm not particularly filling a hall but would like plenty of power on tap to drive the speakers well at low (ish) levels.

I have earmarked about £500-£600 for the amp, and would like the simplicity of auto-levels as found on the later Denon's or Yamaha's, though it's not essential.

I'm thinking along the lines of maybe a Denon 3805 and there may be a few available soon as the 3806 comes out but does anyone have any other thoughts on what would suit?

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