Use US power cords in the UK?



I have a mass of electronic gear which creates a terribly unsightly mess of of power cables.

My solution is use US cables . US plugs are much smaller then UK ones and hence the power strip is also much smaller. My plan is replace all detachable UK figure 8 socket cables and computer power cables with their US counter parts and plug them into the much smaller US power strip. I will only use one UK adapter plug to connect the US power strip to the UK mains (I have a genuine earther 3 pin adapter so earthing should not be a problem).

I would like to know if there are any problems. Can US cables take 240 volts or will they burn up as they are only designed to cope with 120v. I cannot see any difference in cables width.

Any help please. I probably will only connect the inexpensive equipment this way to be on the safe side.



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The cables are not the issue. The connectors (plugs and sockets) are. They are UNSAFE at 240 volts. You should treat mains electricity with the greatest of respect, and only use devices that are rated for it.


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I agree with both the previous posts........there are plenty of good uk products that will do the job.

You can get a 10way tower with surge/spike protection modem outlet BT outlet etc etc.

To advise someone to mix and match differnt countries supply cables and plugs when we have no idea of their competence is a recipe for disaster.


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