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I seem to be buying most of my DVDs from Canada, but with the US Dollar fallling and falling there must be good deals to be had buying direct from the USA... Most retailers seem not to be reflecting the favourable exchange rate in their prices, so has anyone got any recommendations for retailers who supply direct from the USA? Or is Canadian still the way to go...

And before anyone says so I know we have the recommended retailers list but I am not sure which of the USA sites on there supply direct from the USA..., and also are USA sites... but I have checked them and the Canadian sites are still cheaper (I checked them using Kill Bill Vol.1 as an example).


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I'd imagine Canada mate.

Even if the US$ keeps falling it'll mean the CND$ does do as the pair are inextricably linked.
That's a very nice graph mate. But as my old Economics teacher used to say, it doesn't mean anything without headings! :)


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I'm pretty sure even a proto-muppet could work out that the y-axis (the one that goes straight up - "Vertically" - and has the numbers 1.1 to 1.7) is the amount of C$ to 1 US$.

The x-axis (the one that goes from left to right - "Horizontally" - has the years measured - 1990 to 2004)

As my old Economics professor used to say, "it doesn't mean anything without a functioning brain cell." :rotfl:

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