:hiya: hello i have a problem i need to fit a usb2 connection to my pc but the only available slot left on my mobo is agp,and all the cards available are pci fitment can someone please advise:lease:


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If you already have usb2 ports on the back of the motherboard, and they're all in use, then get a powered usb2 hub. Make sure it's usb2 tho'.................

If you have no usb2 onboard already, then you're b*ggered!!



The only way around it would be to perhaps get combination cards such as USB2.0 & firewire, or remove say the sound card and get an external USB sound card. Other than that I think you will need to upgrade the MoBo to one with less onboard features and more PCI slots.



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Yes, I had this problem: running out of PCI slots and wanted to fit another PCI card for USB2.

I removed the network card and installed the USB2 card in its place and bought a USB2 to Network usb device.

Can anyone explain to me why I am not getting the throughput I want (or the same as before) even though USB2 runs at 480Mbit/s and the network port is 100MBit/s?


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What do you want and what are you getting. On ethernet between PC's don't expect above 80% utilization. Take of ethernet and IP headers and you'll end up with less again.

Is the ethernet gizmo only usb1?


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I'm not expecting a lot. A 'normal' file (700Mb) transfer via FTP from one machine to the another would take about 3 minutes from 100Mbit/s to 100Mbit/s network interface cards (that's roughly 28Mbit/s). That is also just 25% utilisation.

With the USB2 (note: not 1) to 100Mbit/s ethernet, this takes about 30 minutes. That's ten times slower! What is going on?

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