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:D hello i have just bought my daughter the freecon dvb-t usb stick to receive freeview on her laptop,works greatbut now i want to intall one on my p.c but i dont have any usb2 connections.
all the usb2 cards for sale that i have seen are pci fitment and my mobo does not have any pci slots is there some sort of converter from usb1.1 to usb2
thanks:lease:or am i getting confused with pci and pcie


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If you are using Win XP you will first need the files for USB2, which are provided with the SP1 AND SP2 updates, from M.Soft.


What motherboard do you have? Surely if it hasn't got PCI it is either very, very old with ISA slots, or it's very, very new with ONLY PCI-E slots. I dont think I've ever seen the latter! If it is the latter it will most definately have USB2. So if it's the former then the question really is: Is it powerful enough to run the thing anyway? What processor is it?


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USB 2.0 will work in USB1.1 slots but it will be slower. Over wirelessG it'll be ok but not great.

Wireless G max received rate 22mbps
USB 1.1 max 12mbps

But remember that an internet connection is only 0.25 - 10mbps (except ADSL2+ which is 24 mbps)

Unless the interface is PCI, there is no point in a USB2.0 card as then you wouldn't get the 480mbps speed of USB2.0. However if its just for surfing, plugging it into USB 1.1 as you see will get you ok if not brilliant performance.




I have the same adapter. As DVB-T bitrates are lower than 12mb/s. You should be able to use it on USB 1.1. I don't think it needs to be USB 2.0.

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