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I have just purchased a Kam BDX900 USB turntable to convert my vinyl collection to .MP3, it comes with Audacity software and a very limited instruction manual!!

I have followed the instructions and still can't seem to get any sound into Audacity and back out through my PC speakers!

I have set up my playback device as Realtek HD Audio output and my recording device to USB Audio Codec, as advised in the manual, but still can't get anything out of it.

I am new to Audacity so have only followed the instructions given, is there something else I am missing?

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated as aside from sending this Turntable back and purchasing one with EZ Vinyl Converter 2 bundled I can't see anything else wrong!


hiya badger,this may help?

start up audacity,the top of the program page in a straight line will read

file edit project generate effect analyse help underneath is the

play record pause stop ffwd buttons

underneath the ffwd button is the number 3.0
go along to number 5.0
just above the number 5.0 is a dropdown box with a microphone next to it.
open this drop down box will give you a list of 6 options the first being horizontal stereo(usually greyed out).the option you need to open is "monitor input".
back at the top of the page..... go to "edit" then "preferences" the last choice is software playthrough(make sure you tick this box)

above this is the recording section.....choose channels 2(stereo) then adjust any definitions you may need to for the playback/recording device.

i had the same problem as you....the turntable nearly went back.
the turntable/audacity manuals are very poor and do not give you this information...i couldnt do a screen grab to show you exactly how to set it if i have made it unclear just repost on here and i will try to explaain it as well as i can:thumbsup:


Hi Basser

Thanks for the reply, I have followed the instructions and still nothing!!! When I click on the monitor input the "mic" side is up to full level, even without the turntable on, and the "speaker" (green side) is flicking up and down to about 1/4 way up the scale and there is a slight clicking noise everytime it does.

On turning the turntable on nothing changes apart from the grren bars stop moving and clicking, still have no sound coming out of my speakers and not sure if anything is going in to Audacity.

Both the mic and speaker parts are set to -21, is this correct and if not is there any way to change it?


Forgot to say, not sure if this will help but when I plug the turntable into the PC the PC doesn't recognise it, is this a problem and if so how do I get around it?


badger......under"edit" then
"preferences" then
"audio io" the recording tab
and in the drop down box select your usb device...if this doesnt help im stumped! sorry

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