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Hello, is it possible to change the usb out of my webcam to hdmi? I have tried using a hdmi video capture and also a hoplaza usb to hdmi adapter but neither have worked. I've plugged them straight into the camera and taken the hdmi out of that but it just doesn't work. Is there something I could try and isn't expensive? I just really need HDMI from the camera and the only output it has is usb.
Any help gratefully appreciated


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USB is a data connection to allow a peripheral (the webcam) to be operated by a computer.

It's not a video connection like HDMI that's agnostic as to which device is on the other end.

Having said that, I believe webcams use one of USB's standard device classes (USB Video Device) so it should be possible to make a device that'll communicate with it to receive video and then output over HDMI without having to support your specific model of webcam.

I don't know of a specific product though and finding such a thing in the days of 'helpful' search engines and sellers slapping the term adapter on everything is tricky.

You could buy a cheap second hand small form factor PC for <£50 and use that.


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You are going to need something like like a Pi with has a driver for a webcam, can "capture" the video with a monitoring app that you are output to HDMI.

TBH, its probably easier to get a cheap Chinese "action" camera with HDMI out.

What are you trying to do ?


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Sorry, only just seen your reply! Been a busy few weeks!
I want to just buy a cheap hdmi camera as it will be so much easier but the person I'm trying to help has already brought a usb out camera and really wants it to work 😒 we are already using a hdmi camera that we have borrowed, but that camera needs to go back and we are after keeping the same set up - its for a live stream in a Church - the camera is in the Church which runs via hdmi into a capture card - from the usb from the capture card we run it into a laptop via obs into facebook live and out from the capture card via hdmi to a tv in the Church hall so that people can watch in there. We can run from the camera to laptop fine with just the usb - the fun bit is trying to get it into the hall - it isn't always streamed via facebook live, so thats why the capture card is so handy as it can still run to the TV without the laptop, so thats what we need away of getting the usb camera to both a TV and a laptop, but with most of the time without the laptop being there

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