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Hello I am looking to use a black magic Atem mini camera switcher to stream video to Facebook I would like to use USB cameras with this but need a converter to change the camera output to hdmi as the Atem only has HDMI inputs. I have seen Youtube videos of a device used with Logitech usb cameras that seems to work, but there is no makers name mentioned or shown on screen ( Japanese video clip I think) I have searched the net and can't find this device or one similar. A simple box with a power supply It has a USB input and a HDMI output and was shown working with the Atem switcher. Can anyone tell me where I can get these devices or something that will do the job please.



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See Amazon. Plenty there.

Most camcorders have a HDMI output available directly. Logitech only do webcams as far as I know.


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How many webcams do you plan on using simultaneously? A couple could easily be switched via OBS, which would negate the need for an Atem. Any more than two, I guess would depend on the USB ports you have available and the spec of your PC.


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Hi thanks for your reply. I am setting this up for my local church to live stream services to Facebook. At the moment they are using a phone. Which is fine when the church is not open for services although audio quality could be better. But they would like to continue this after things go back to normal and are looking for a better way to do it. so the plan is to switch between three cameras and a laptop that feeds two large screens and several smaller ones within the church with words for hymns etc. for the congregation. One of the reasons for using an Atem is that it would be much easier for the operators who are not really 'techy' (terrified of computers) to just push four buttons to change what's going out to Facebook. I haven't looked deeply into OB but what I have seen may be more than they are comfortable with. Plus the cost of a decent laptop on top might be too much
Ideally the solution is one Atem and three DSLR cameras with HDMI out, but the budget doesn't run to that. Which is why I was looking at converting usb webcams to hdmi I found one converter (see link in my last reply above) but managed to find a price for them which strains the budget even further. Unless I can find much cheaper converters I think I may have to look at purchasing some second hand camcorders with hdmi output.
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Camcorders are easier to use and less obtrusive IMHO... not sure about the lead-length as lengthy-wiring could be an issue, since churches are big.
Action-cameras, webcams etc. will have a wide field-of-view, so unless close-up will give you a small image of the action. Most camcorders have a reasonable optical Zoom, so the image quality remains good and may have a low-light feature..... being able to set-up the camcorder, should help also, once you know what does what.
Other churches may be able to suggest kit and show you how they've overcome difficulties.... such as battery-power. You mention Audio - this is often way-down the list; although it's at least 50% of the viewing experience and if the congregation is elderly, the crisper it starts the better. Most £400+ camcorders will have a socket for an external mic - this need not be too fancy as a "close-mic always beats a distant one" A cheapo tie-clip microphone, attached to the building should do an excellent job - beware of "transmitted-noise" e.g. nearby movement. Some rubber/soft mounting will help.

Hope that helps.
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USB webcams are not going to be the best idea for this, as they are quite wide angle, fixed focus and with a fairly long depth of field. The images will feel very distant, flat and probably quite soft.

Something like this with a zoomable image, HDMI output and the ability to charge while filming might suit you little better, or if you have more budget than this, go with something with a proper zoom lens.

Amazon product


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Thanks for all the helpful suggestions guys. Audio is going to be a feed to the Atem direct from the sound desk. Using a couple of extra microphones on the desk to pick up an overall sound in the building, rather than using the built in camera mics. Cable distance shouldn't be a problem as none of the positions for cameras will be more than 15 meters from the Atem. It's not going to be £400 new camcorders because of the budget again. I'll probably be looking for second hand with the right specs. Wioth so many people using phones now camcorders are not being used as much and are available on Ebay etc. at reasonable prices. Once set up for the services the zoom or anything else wont need to be changed as they will simply switch between cameras and the output from the laptop on the Atem to stream to Facebook. I had wondered about action cams and maybe might try one for some scenes like a wide angle shot of the music group to get them all in. Thanks again everyone I hope to be able to let you know how succesful it's been before too long

Regards Q

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