USB Storage device recomendation


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Just bought a Samsung D5520 TV. Reading through the owners thread for this TV & there is a discussion on enabling the recording / pause functions. It mentions that it requires a storage device connected via one of the USB slots...
Just wondered if anyone can recomend a suitable device...
We wouldnt be looking to store recordings etc, long term. It would just be handy to use the pause function, or for the odd recording.

  • What sort of capacity should I be looking for ?
  • Would a USB stick with a suitable capacity be better than a USB hard drive...?
  • Any product recomendations in particular ?
Many thanks all.


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Probably the wrong section of the forum for this question, I'd guess though any USB HDD with it's own power supply should be okay, avoid anything that is bus powered by the USB cable to be on the safe side.

Samsung also format the drive with a linux file system so to get at the files use Ubuntu to read the drive and VLC is the only media player that can read the .srf files it generates.
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