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I am running MCE on a small form factor PC with integrated 2 channel sound. I am looking to upgrade this to surround sound etc. As the PC only has 1 PCI slot and it would have to be one of the small sized ones too I have been looking at some of these USB external sound card offerings (looking at getting 2nd hand), such as the Creative Sound Blaster MP3+. Has anyone any experience with these sort of devices, they have, SPDIF (Optical) input and output, but does anyone know if I would be able to get a DTS or DD signal from the unit to my amp, i.e. if I played a DTS/DD DVD in the PC.

I have not found any info that makes me sure either way as to DTS/DD passthrough? (if thats the correct term)
Any help would be gratefully received.



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I use the M-Audio Transit USB dongle mainly cos it means that I get sound out of my HTPC that hasnt been mangled to 48khz by the Windows kmixer!

However it would seem ideal for you. M-Audio make good sounding PCI cards and are generally seen as a high-end company.

Its got line and optical out and either line or optical in (only one at a time though). It passes out DTS/DD5.1.

A search of these forums reveals some futher opinions.

Cost me around £50 I think.


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I use the Creative USB Soundblaster Live 24bit - works great for me, optical and coaxial connections, good drivers. About £50 also I believe.

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