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    Just like to warn other mp3 player users out there never buy anything of this man
    "support" <[email protected]>

    I had the misfortune to have had dealings with this [Libellous remark removed by admin]. my wife bought a a defective mp3 player from him i have tried on numerous occasions thru email to get some help on how to fix this music machine all to no avail. Iam using xp pro and the [Libellous remark removed by admin] sent me the wrong software (win98). Underneath is a copy of my latest email if anyone out there could possibly help me i would be very grateful
    Thank you Garybutts

    Ive got a usb pen drive 256mb mp3 player. I'am using windows xp pro but when i received the player i just jumped into it and installed the software. (since then i,ve found out i never needed software). While going thru the software i pressed on update firmware and since then my mp3 player has stopped working propely. I understand this is 100per cent my fault so instead of playing dumb and sending it back i thought i would email yourselfs to see if you have original firmware for the mp3 player so i can reset it. Ive took software of and even formatted computer plus mp3 player but without the original firmware it will not work. Should i just bin it or is they a way you could help me solve a mistake that i made.. I have sent some emails and got a speedy reply by Gavin ... But iam still waiting on a answer can i get old firmware back on mp3 or but it in bin.... I understand its my own fault but just thought you might hav the original firmware so i can get mp3 working again..
    Yours Gary Butt

    :oops: :oops: :oops:

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