USB or Ethernet best for ADSL?


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Which modem connection would you recomend of either USB or Ethernet and why?
TIA :thumbsup:


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Hi encaser

I'd opt for Ethernet (which is the setup I have) because:
1) You can easily share the connection with other computers using a hub (no!), switch, router etc.
2) USB devices use some processing time on the computer
3) A couple of friends who had USB devices kept on complaining of the device dropping out for no reason. Once they moved to ethernet devices they haven't complained since (well not about their connection)! :)

Hope that helps


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Ethernet is ment to be the better, but only by a few %. I have a usb and ethernet out of my modem and I cant tell the differnce. Either or would be fine.


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get a combined modem/router/firewall/wireless
well worth the expense
1) Hardware firewall really protects your PC from attack
2) Wireless very convenient to use all over the house
3) No need to ever log on agan, once setup the router does it for you

I would never go back to a USB modem after all the ease and advandages my NetgearD834G has given me.


ethernet for me also.

had adsl usb for a long time and hated having a pc on all the time to act as a "link" form my home lan to the outside world. now have ethernet and I bought a £15 router from ebuyer and absolutely everything is working swimmingly, including any linux install I put on my machine (the support in linux for adsl modems via usb is rubbish)

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