USB on Sky Plus Box - ???


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I know its not been "enabled" yet but has anyone tried to connect the USB2 port on a Sky Plus to their PC - Does anything happern ?

I also wondered what versions of the sky plus boxes has the USB on them ?


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The only Sky+ boxes with the USB ports on are the Sky+ 160 boxes made, I think, by Thompson.



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mark.carline said:
Does anyone on here own one of these 160 boxes that fancies plugging it into Windows XP ?

What does it regognise it as ?

Do you see any of the recorded films as MPGs ?

ha ha, yeah right!! Sky aren't going to be that stupid!


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True, but Sky aren't going to give you the facility to rip recorded material from the Sky box to an external source.


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this would be a good way of possibly destroying the USB chips in either/both your PC and Sky+ box. The Sky+ box is not a CLIENT USB device.

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