USB input to play movies?

Rich Marshall

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I've just pre-ordered a Philips DVP5906 to replace a worn out Toshiba DivX player.
I was wondering what the usb port was for on the philips?

Will it allow me to plug a memory card (4Gb CF) via a standard usb card reader/writer into the player and view divx content? (How do you navigate what's on the card?)

If so that'll save me loads of time and effort burning to DVD RW's all the time.

Thanks in advance


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Thats about it. I believe some CF cards dont work as they draw a bit more current but i get the impression a lot of them do.
I dont have one but i did work my way through the mega thread about this player as im also thinking of getting one.


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If you mean the works fine. I got mine purely for this function and have been very impressed.

This website is particularly useful:

If you don't already have a flash drive then check the list there before purchasing. I picked-up a 2GB Dane-Elec pen on eBay for a tenner which works fine. I also use an old 20GB laptop drive with no problems.

It's a crackin' little machine.


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Thats whats putting me off as well.
Im not fussed if its USB 1 or 2 but if i get a new DVD player it will be mainly for this feature and i do tend to play DD 5.1 Divx files and i would like to make sure im goo to go before spending my money. I dont mind spending more if i have to, i just dont want to have to buy two players. I also want one that plays packed bitstream which i believe the Philips will with the hacked firmware.

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Just seen a thread about it and some are put off by the usb not being usb2.0. If it plays fine I don't care, will usb 1.0 be fast enough to play good quality divx content I wonder??????????

USB 1.1 has a FAST data rate of 12Mbit per second. If you have a data rate meter on your DVD you will find that SD DVD content will stream anywhere up to about 7 Mbit/s. HD content is expected to stream about 14MBit, but as these will be too large for storage on USB devices it's a moot point. Your devices will need to be formatted FAT32 and no file can be over 4gb in size.

DivX will be significantly less than DVD streams! So you'll be fine.

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