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I have just bought a JVC KD-G632 and I have a problem which I hope someone here has some ideas on how to solve.

The radio has a USB port which takes a 4Gb usb stick - no problems. But it won't recognise a 40gig hard disk formatted to NTFS. I have tried formatting to FAT32 but of course there's a 32 gig limit with FAT32 and it seems a bit silly not to use the other 8gigs.

Has anyone any idea of how to solve this one? I am a computer engineer but this on has me baffled - would a linux format solve the problem?

Or any other ideas.

Thanks guys


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Download swissknife
use this to format yor hard drive ,there is no size restriction using this.

This won't make a difference so don't waste your time. The KD-G632 has what JVC call "USB G1 Audio" this means that the USB connection is not powered. Therefore will only accept USB Flash Memory style memory sticks as they do not require the 5v that a HDD needs.

Therefore you won't be able to plug a HDD into this model.

The lowest spec model that does it for JVC is the KD-G731.

This has what JVC call "USB G2" meaning a powered USB slot.

You should have asked me before you bought it mate :)

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