USB Grabber..grrr


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Bought a USB grabber in order to transfer a fa vase final video to dvd, it said it was

Connected red white yellow jacks to front of vcr and pressed play as it said to do..nothing..checked vcr in case it was knackered..worked fine when connected to tv.

So don't know what to do..unless there's anyone out there that could do a pro job for me, as in a previous in merseyside/cheshire area. Would like to get it transferred before it disintegrates completely and would be nice to watch it occasionally.


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Hi unless you have a most unusual vcr the front (yellow,red,white) composite video, rca phono audio connectors are an INPUT only intended for connecting a camcorder for example to play material into the vcr.

You will need to connect to a set of outputs (almost certainly on the back), a small number of vcrs will have a composite video, phono audio (yellow,red,white) set of outputs on the back but most will only have scart so you will need an adapter (specifically an output or input/output switched adapter, careful it is easy to buy an input only one) that has a scart plug one side and a yellow, red, white (often + svhs) socket on the other and connect that way.

If your vcr has two scarts on the back make sure you use the right one as one will typically be an input and output and the other just an input.

Hope that's some help.

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