USB flash disc for Win7 install


Installed RT 7 Lite and planning to create a USB install disc, however the largest I have is 4GB. Even after trimming applications (RT 7 says 3.3GB) and drivers it still says not enough space. So I'm looking at a 16GB stick.

Both machines are USB 3 capable, so thinking of getting a USB 3 stick to speed up install.

Any recommendations for makes? Ebuyer have Corsiar 16GB model for £20
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Chuck Norris

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Thats the one I use from Ebuyer, I know a lot of people returned theirs due to errors but this is the 'NOH' and touch wood I haven't had it fail when installing the OS from it.

Chuck Norris

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A: An NOH unit is one that is "Newly Overhauled". At some point they have been returned to Corsair from either an end user or a dealer, and may or may not have been used. Many of the units Corsair get back from their larger retailers are actually found to be working fine, but end users have returned them for any number of reasons.

Corsair take all these units that come back, test them, and repairs them if necessary. Corsair also ensure they have the latest software installed.Corsair then offer them to their dealers at a discounted price. Ebuyer then pass this saving on to our valued customers. Ebuyer provides a full one year warranty on these modules, and as always Corsair will provide their usual excellent after sales service and support if required

NB: Directly from their site (Ebuyer)
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