USB female to connect to Denon PMA-255UK?


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Hi all,

I was wondering, what cable, (got a working link to allow me to view and/or buy it please? UK based), would I need to allow me to connect a USB 2.0 cable, (female end), to a Denon PMA-255UK so I can play music files from my PC, to the set-up in the other room.

The Denon has a few double input, (phono type connections if I recall correctly, like CD, DVD/Aux, Tuner, etc), where I already have a Cambridge Audio interconnect connected up to it from my Wharfedale 750S DVD/CD player. I want to know if there's a cable that will allow me to connect my PC, (in one room), to the Denon in the other room, (via said powered USB 2.0 cable running through the loft and into the lounge), so I can play music through the lounge set-up from my PC because most of my best music is on my PC and to burn it to CD's is laborious. I'd much rather enjoy the great sound quality of my music played down the USB cable rather than change CD's throughout the time when I have guests etc. I know full well I may lose some sound quality playing the files via USB, but I'd much rather that than be faffing about changing CD's every hour or so.

The distance from female end of USB cable to the rear of the Denon is about 1.5mtrs.

Any help appreciated. Thanks! :clap:
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USB out from your PC is a data stream and your Denon only has analogue inputs so without conversion this is not going to work. Ideally you need a (async is preferable) USB DAC to convert the sound to analogue to feed your amp. However distance is always an issue. You would be better of looking at a Squeezebox Duet or Touch to connect to your Denon and put Logitech Media Server (free) on your PC and stream across your wireless network or better still hardwire them both to your router.

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