USB content on BDT 210


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I just bvought a BDT 210 here in USA (my question should be general and I'm noit a member of usa forum yeT). Anyway, I plugged in my external hard drive as I have over 900gb of tv shows and music, but it doesn't recognise it. I also tried just putting in a memory stick with just 2 folers of mpeg music files in them and it didn't recognise that either.

Any ideas ?

I ideally want to be able to watch all my tv shows that I got via internet (plays on my pc using VCL) and my music.

I have also put my 19,000 songs on google music , can I access them via the player ?

If not, is there any way I can access all this content ?



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Ok thanks. How do you know what its format is and how do you change it? Can you change it without losing the data? Don't want to risk losing my 900gb of data.

Does that mean all memory sticks are not that format as I've tried several?


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Plug the memory sticks into your computer and you'll be able to see what file system they are using by looking at their properties.

To change the file system on your external drive, you will need to format it. Formatting it will erase the data on it. So the only way is to get another hdd, or a computer with enough free storage space, copy all the data to it, format the drive to FAT and copy it back again


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Ok, did a test reformat using dos on a memory stick. Now my usa vizio tv can see it, and play the test song I put in there. But the panny says it can't play the content ( one song, one avi. Video ) set up as VLC. any idea why panny can't see the mp3 file or. Avi file?

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