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I've just purchased a Sony TVR19 - arrived yesterday and very impressed so far!
However, I've yet to get round to buying a firewire card/cable which I'll do in the next day or two.

Meantime I fired up Sony's Imagemixer software and (of course without reading the help files as all good computer users do) manages to capture some footage using the USB stream option. However, when I play the footage back on the PC there's no sound.

IS this normal wih USB capture or am I doing something incredibly stupid? I did go to the help files but can't seem to see if this is in there.

Thanks a million in anticipation



Apart from what it may say in your manual (when you get to read it) USB is no good for capturing digital video, it is good for downloading stills or using your camera as a webcam. Once youv'e bought a firewire card and cable which together will only cost around £20 you should find the solution to your problem.


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I'm hoping to get the firewire stuff tomorrow, and then I'll be well away!

You know what it's like though - get new kit want to try out all the options straight away :)


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